Services we offer

Direct Online Teaching Services only employs teachers who have completed comprehensive training and demonstrations in a range of tools. They are typically well-versed in new technologies and are proficient and well-trained. Although the use of online tools in educational contexts has become mainstream, effective online teaching involves a set of highly professional expertise. To provide opportunities for teaching students to build such abilities in a language learning setting.

Certification is facilitated by:

– Teacher Cath, Licensed Professional Teacher, Tesol Master Teacher

– Teacher Shaira, Licensed Professional Teacher


Who can participate?

DOTS is intended for individuals who desire to practice and study English; those who have registered may be given master’s level courses. To provide a high-quality experience for everybody, each class is limited to 15 students. Participants will get a DOTS Digital Badge of Completion from Sertifier upon completion.

How can I register?

If you have questions, you can go straight to the our link:

Can I withdraw from DOTS?

We will accept withdrawals from DOTS until the first day of school for the semester in which DOTS is offered. Due to the limited number of DOTS Certificate slots, we encourage you to finish the program as soon as it starts

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