Why us at DOTS?

Direct Online Teaching Services (DOTS) is an ESL tutoring school based in the Philippines. Provide interactive lessons based on students’ need. Guided by Filipino professional teachers ensuring that learning English language is actually fun and interesting. DOTS provides professional instructors to students and promotes aspiring teachers who are having difficulty finding clients. Who are dedicated to provide best teaching practices and techniques to produce fluent English speakers. Aiming each student be able to communicate with others across the globe by using English language with confidence. 

DOTS is concerned about the health and well-being of its whole workforce. Teachers have an “open door” policy, which allows them to talk about any difficulties or concerns they may have. They move swiftly when necessary to guarantee that employees are treated fairly, are adequately trained, and have the opportunity and job satisfaction that they deserve. DOTS is dedicated to helping its teachers while they are on the job.


Our misson is to produce globally competitive English speakers by using English language to be more connected with the world. It can be related to culture, business, economic, academic, social engagement or any daily life activities.


Our vision is to learn English language with a purpose. By helping to improve learners’ speaking and written English skills. Encouraging them to speak up and be heard. Breaking the language barrier to have a better understanding when interacting with different individual around the world.

In fact, the creator of DOTS wanted to continue to deliver learning amid of these trying times. Be able to help professional teachers to find work in the comfort of their own homes and to show them that there are a variety of ways to continue a profession. Offering a great way to help student who wants to learn English while at home.

We wish to continue assisting both clients and potential DOTS in their pursuit of success in any profession or business they choose, and we’ll keep doing so.

Before you apply, double-check that you meet all of the minimal requirements.

  • A laptop with at least i5 cores and a backup device with at least i3 cores should be
  • A stable internet connection of at least 15 Mbps with a backup of at least 10 Mbps
  • A minimum of 6 months of teaching experience is required, as is an age limit of 18 years old and up, an NBI clearance, and a valid ID.
  • A native English speaker (neutral accent) with a results-oriented culture who is available to start at 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. and enjoys a peaceful home atmosphere.


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